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Professional Tree Removal Service and Many More for the Benefit of Your Yard

Trees are a great addition to any landscape. They offer a sense of privacy, shade, and aesthetic appeal. However, if they spread too far from your house or place of work, trees can potentially pose a danger. If you have a tree that needs to be removed, don’t hesitate to hire Kings Tree Service & Landscaping Co for the job. We are a trusted tree removal company in Marietta, GA, and we can help you with the removal of any tree on your property.

Our Services

Tree Service

Tree Service
You won't need to worry about the trees surrounding your home again, thanks to our reputable tree service. Our variety of services guarantees the safety of your property and relieves you of any responsibility for the potentially hazardous work that goes along with each task. You may trust our skilled arborists to handle any pruning, cutting, or emergency tasks. We guarantee outstanding outcomes.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal
We can assist you if a tree on your property is a danger, either because it is dead or dying and might fall on your home at any time, or because it has gotten too close and is straining the foundation. We are aware that cutting down trees might be difficult. We're here to support you through it because of that.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming
Maintaining the health and safety of your trees requires regular tree pruning. To guarantee optimum growth, it's crucial to have your trees professionally trimmed at least once a year. Our tree cutting service can assist in maintaining the attractiveness of your trees so they may continue to shade your yard, provide beauty, and serve as a habitat for animals.

Tree Cleaning

Tree Cleaning
Our tree cleaning service is the right choice if you want to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. Your trees' leaves and branches will be cleaned using the appropriate techniques and equipment, ensuring that they are free of debris, healthy, and attractive. We will also remove any dead or diseased branches that are causing problems.

Pros to Consider

Serving customers with the utmost expertise has greatly aided Kings Tree Service & Landscaping Co in expanding. All of our efficient and expert tree trimming services have reasonable costs and open labor estimates, and we guarantee safe cutting and a prompt response to emergency calls. We promise to satisfy you completely.

How Do We Work?
As soon as you get in touch with us, we’ll start working together to identify your needs and create a strategy that satisfies them. Instead of offering you a service, our goal is to develop a strategy for maintaining the health and beauty of your trees for many years to come.

We Serve the Surrounding Areas!

Our tree cutting and removal services are also available in the following areas:

  • Fair Oaks, GA
  • North Decatur, GA
  • Norcross, GA
  • Belvedere Park, GA
  • Powder Springs, GA

If you need a trusted tree trimming service in Marietta, GA, you can always trust Kings Tree Service & Landscaping Co to help you. For inquiries, feel free to contact us at (404) 642-4909 today!

Client Testimonials

Highly Recommended!

I hired their expert tree trimming service, and I'm quite happy with the outcome. They were efficient and reliable throughout the process. I highly recommend them to anyone in need! Thanks for the help, guys!

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